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 (mĕk′lən-bûrg′, -bo͝ork′)
A historical region of northeast Germany on the Baltic Sea. It was originally occupied c. sixth century ad by Slavic peoples who were then displaced by Germanic settlements. After 1621 Mecklenburg was divided into two duchies, which joined a confederation of German states in 1867.


(ˈmɛklənˌbɜːɡ; German ˈmeːklənbʊrk)
1. (Historical Terms) a historic region and former state of NE Germany, along the Baltic coast; now part of Mecklenburg-West Pomerania
2. (Placename) a historic region and former state of NE Germany, along the Baltic coast; now part of Mecklenburg-West Pomerania
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Bazin followed him upon a roan, holding by the halter a vigorous Mecklenburg horse; this was D'Artagnan mount.
This horse, monsieur le comte, is of the Mecklenburg breed.
The Sound of Silence' will highlight the unique landscape of the Mecklenburg Lakeland region to the musical accompaniment of the Baltic Sea Philharmonic Ensemble.
The computer systems of the Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, were taken offline by a hacker.
As a scholar of German literature in German academia, defined by his discourse, Mecklenburg clearly intends to portray Goethe as a model German who curiously moves beyond the German horizon and confidently and profoundly integrates other languages and cultures with German literature in the belief in universal humanity.
This school year, Charlotte-area students will be able to check out a free Wi-Fi hotspot through a new agreement between Sprint (NYSE:S) and the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library.
For years, recycling in Mecklenburg County fetched big money for the county's fee-driven Land Use and Environmental Services Agency.
Coleman recently retired from a public service career, having served over 40 years in Mecklenburg County, Virginia.
Hanna III received the Mecklenburg County Bar and Foundation's 2014-2015 Ayscue Professionalism Award.
has unveiled plans to expand its entry into North Carolina, saying it will enter the Winston-Salem market and add another location in the state's Mecklenburg County.
The Charlotte Mecklenburg Library announced the appointment of Lenoir C.
The site, bordering the Catawba River in western Mecklenburg County, had been listed on Superfund's National Priorities List since 1983.

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