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(Plants) any plant of the mostly Asiatic papaveraceous genus Meconopsis, esp M. betonicifolia (the Tibetan or blue poppy), grown for its showy sky-blue flowers. M. cambrica is the Welsh poppy
[New Latin, from Greek mēkōn poppy + -opsis]
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Noun1.meconopsis - herbs almost entirely of mountains of China and TibetMeconopsis - herbs almost entirely of mountains of China and Tibet; often monocarpic
dilleniid dicot genus - genus of more or less advanced dicotyledonous trees and shrubs and herbs
family Papaveraceae, Papaveraceae, poppy family - herbs or shrubs having milky and often colored juices and capsular fruits
blue poppy, Meconopsis betonicifolia - Chinese perennial having mauve-pink to bright sky blue flowers in drooping cymes
Meconopsis cambrica, Welsh poppy - widely cultivated west European plant with showy pale yellow flowers
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This thought comes to mind as I see a few flower buds developing on our Meconopsis, the Blue Poppy.
David, of Kevock Nursery, Lasswade, said the blue poppy (meconopsis) is not quite the fabled flower but some regard it as almost the Holy Grail.
adore the little yellow and orange Welsh poppies but surprisingly they aren't really poppies at all, but a member of the Meconopsis genus, a group of flowering plants that have poppy-like characteristics.
The slightly sunken bed now holds Meconopsis and a wooded area is being created filled with primroses and Martagon lilies.
Five ofSilent Pool Gin's24 botanicals have been used, including angelica, iris and rose, and the delicate pale blue Meconopsis hints at the colour of the gin bottles produced by the distillers.
If you want to go for slightly taller candelabra primroses, put them with meconopsis or azaleas, where the soil is also suitable, or let the elegant flowers add colourful highlights to clumps of hostas.
Some seeds, such as astrantia, foxglove, angelica, aquilegia, meconopsis, primula, delphinium and orlaya, can be planted straight away.
Plantings include meconopsis, primulas, rhododendrons and attractive wild flowers areas around water, vegetable plots and unusual trees and shrubs.
Berberis thunbergii, Chelidonium majus, Corydalis cava, Dicentra spectabilis, Fumaria officinalis, Glaucium flavum, Macleaya cordata, Mahonia aquifolium, and Meconopsis cambrica were collected in June 2012 in the Botanical Gardens of Maria-Curie Sklodowska University in Lublin, Poland.
PHOEBE: This woman here, with a stream running through her exhibit, is talking about 'ericaceous' plants and 'containerised meconopsis' ?
In this stage, the dominant species were Arenaria delavayi and Meconopsis horridula.
Vegetative means of propagation are important for species like Meconopsis aculeata Royle, Potentilla atrosanguinea Lodd.