Medaille Militaire

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Noun1.Medaille Militaire - a French military decorationMedaille Militaire - a French military decoration  
laurel wreath, medal, decoration, ribbon, medallion, palm - an award for winning a championship or commemorating some other event
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Sgt Cooper was presented with the VC medal by King George V, and in 1918, now a lieutenant, was awarded the Medaille Militaire, the highest award given by France to non-nationals for "gallantry beyond the call of duty".
He also received the Belgian Croix de Guerre and the French Medaille Militaire.
The 15 medals include the Distinguished Service Medal and Purple Heart (US) the Most Distinguished Order of St Michael and St George, DSO, Military Cross, British War Medal and Victory Medal (UK) the Order of the Crown Knights breast badge (Belgium) Medaille Militaire, Croix de Guerre and War Medal (France) Al Valore Militare (Italy), Virtute Militara (Romania) and the Order of St Anne (Russia).
97 on July 1, 1917, and in the course of his career had been made a Chevalier de la Legion d'Honneur as well as receiving the Medaille Militaire and Croix de Guerre with one bronze star, one gold star and two palms.
EDWARDS only got the French Medaille Militaire because his wrists escaped injury.
For his defiant spirit and outstanding bravery, he was awarded the Medaille Militaire by the French and the Victoria Cross by the British.
Dans son intervention, le representant du gouvernement a souligne que [beaucoup moins que] ces projets interviennent suite a une reflexion visant a enrichir le patrimoine des emblemes de l'ANP par la creation de medailles de la bravoure et de la participation, lesquelles traduisent la reconnaissance de l'armee aux medailles et consacrent la medaille militaire avec un troisieme chevron qui honore les militaires en poste pour leur competence, leur assiduite et leur engagement [beaucoup plus grand que].
Other men were awarded foreign decorations such as the Belgian Croix de Guerre, French Medaille Militaire, a Serbian Cross of Karageorge and a Roumanian Medaille Barbatie.
Par ailleurs, le president Morsi a accroche la medaille militaire de la republique au drapeau des Forces armees, en guise d'estime pour le devouement et le sacrifice des Forces armees egyptiennes au cours de la Revolution du 25 Janvier et la periode de transition qui s'ensuivit.
His dam is an Emperor Jones halfsister to Wahiba Sands, the three-times raced Empress Of Light, who is also halfsister to another useful Flat runner-cumhurdler, Medaille Militaire.
Bahri (W Carson) 11-4 fav, is the star in the St James's Palace, Medaille Militaire 4-1 fav, scrambles home by a head in the Britannia H'cap under Richard Quinn and Harlestone Brook defies 9-8 under a great ride from Mick Kinane to win the Ascot Stakes at 6-1.