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v. t. & i.1.To move.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Findabair, the daughter of Medb, though great her beauty, it is as vain as to bind a withy around sand or gravel to show her now to you, O Fer Diad.
[...] se pelo menos fosse contrarreferenciado pra gente, a gente teria como acompanhar essa crianca, saber qual o tratamento que ta sendo empregado pra ela, pra ver no que podemos ajudar aqui (MedB).
In "Labhrann Medb" (Medbh Speaks), the "unscrupulous and masterful virago" goes to war not for a bull or wealth or vanity but for dignity.
When Medb (Maeve), my eldest daughter, recently turned our Kerry Blue Terrier house dog over to us, she brought along a pamphlet-like book that says it all better than I could even if I had the know-how of its lady veterinarian author.
(27) A queen and sovereignty are quite often associated with a cup and wine, and there is a particular sovereignty goddess is named Medb, "she who intoxicates." (28) He further argues that Eriu is a solar goddess because she possesses a golden cup, for the sun was regarded as a golden cup.
A Target Entertainment release, presented with Old Vic Prods., Pink Sand Films, of a Medb Film production, in association with Screen South.
The ARCHISE module is composed by the Multimedia Event Database (MEDB) and the Feature Processing Module (FPM).
One thinks too of Queen Medb in the Tain Bo Cualgne, Britomart in Spencer's Faerie Queene, and, closer to Browne's time, Felicia Hemans' "Joan of Arc in Rheims," "The Widow of Crescentius," and Elizabeth Barrett Browning's "The Romaunt of the Page." (40) As Angela Leighton notes, "Byronism evidently offered many of these women writers, not so much the cheap ideal of a dark, handsome husband, but the prospect of a transvestite emancipation from the restricting dress of femininity." (41) But Browne is alone among her contemporaries in creating a woman warrior not resurrected from ancient or medieval history but of the present day, and one whose lover follows her into battle.
As Medb Ruane pointed out, it is no longer the case that Irish voters ask "how high?" when told to jump by the bishops and their allies in the Fianna Fail party.
Though the saga focuses on the heroic deeds of youthful Cuchulain and his defense of Ulster against the advancing army of Connacht led by the licentious queen Medb and the ensuing battle in which the men of Ulster routed the Connacht forces, the whole story turning upon the capture of the cattle and the great bull of Cooley as the immediate cause of the conflict, establishes an intertextal link with O'Brien's Western.