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Noun1.Medgar Evers - United States civil rights worker in Mississippi; was killed by a sniper (1925-1963)
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He might have added, "and Medgar Evers", King's precursor.
Lowden, Associate Professor, Medgar Evers College, Jamaica, NY
Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, Maya Angelou, the underground railroad, Mary McLeod Bethune and Medgar Evers. The site also features content about Richard Allen, Alice Walker and Walter White; African-American astronauts; the famous Exodusters; numerous civil rights organizations; the Harlem Renaissance era; colonial gold, salt and slave trades; and individual overviews of African countries.
Other speakers include Myrlie Evers Williams (Medgar Evers's widow), members of the Little Rock Nine, Robert Moses, the Rev.
"You can kill a man but you can't kill an idea." - American civil rights martyr Medgar Evers (shot in 1963), born this day in 1926
When it was announced to the public that a movie depicting the trial of the murderer of Medgar Evers would be produced, African-Americans proclaimed that the upcoming Ghosts of Mississippi would be an eye-opening account of the prevalence of racism in the 1950s.
Sometimes the racism has not been "lite" at all: Fordice in Mississippi announced in 1995 that it was time for white citizens to stop apologizing for the state's racist past because thirty years had gone by since Medgar Evers was gunned down and federal legislation was required to clear the way for African American participation in state elections.
TRUE story about the trial of the man who shot black civil rights activist Medgar Evers in 1963.
For thirty years, she battled to bring the murderer of her first husband, Medgar Evers, to justice.
Among other sites, I visited Bryant's Grocery, the Sumner courthouse and the Jackson home of Medgar Evers, the civil rights activist assassinated in his driveway in 1963.
Today, Crew is president of Medgar Evers College in Brooklyn, and he told me how the connections between his college and local high schools are improving education at all levels.