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 (păl′pə-brə, păl-pē′-)
n. pl. pal·pe·brae (-brē′) also pal·pe·bras
An eyelid.

[Latin; see pāl- in Indo-European roots.]

pal′pe·bral (păl′pə-brəl, păl-pē′brəl, -pĕb′rəl) adj.
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(Anatomy) of or relating to the eyelid
[C19: from Late Latin palpebrālis, from Latin palpebra eyelid; probably related to palpāre to stroke]
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Wound closure of medial palpebral ligament and orbicularis oculi with 6-0 Vicryl and skin with 6-0 silk.
It runs medially and opens into the lacrimal sac, posterior to medial palpebral ligament. Lacrimal sac is lodged in the lacrimal groove and it is 1 cm long and 0.5 cm wide.
CONCLUSION: Endo-DCR is simple and safe procedure, avoids scar, injury to medial palpebral ligament and angular vessels.

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