Median line

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(Anat.) Any line in the mesial plane; specif., either of the lines in which the mesial plane meets the surface of the body.
(Geom.) The line drawn from an angle of a triangle to the middle of the opposite side; any line having the nature of a diameter.

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Mottley said another factor in support of the agreement is that BHP Billiton, 'who by the way happens to be the recipients to the north of the median line in Barbados' waters, but is also the recipient of blocks to the south of the median line in Trinidad and Tobago waters that it is the most natural fit for us to take this step'.
The ship sailed from south to north just east of the median line and left the Taiwan area around noon, the Liberty Times reported.
"The unit turning operational in Eastern Theatre Command is precisely aimed at Taiwan," Koh stated, adding, "And to challenge US military activities in Taiwan Strait, besides posing a threat to the median line that Taiwan's air force patrols along."
Utgard, in the central North Sea, straddles the median line between the UK and Norway.
As I have written in my recent articles, what Cyprus has done, with its unilateral delimitation of the Cyprus continental shelf, on the basis of the median line between the coastlines of the two countries, is not exactly what the Law of the Sea provides.
before crossing the median line and colliding with a bus in the opposite lane at around 9 p.m
And yet, for the second time in as many months, hidden agendas have revealed the gaffes of the Greek government, initially with Tsipras changing tune as regards his unwavering support to the EuroAsia Interconnector electricity cable, and now, the Cyprus government submitting coordinates of its maritime reach west and north of the island, responding to Turkish claims of these seas after Athens continues to drag its feet on delineating the maritime median line with Ankara.
In fact, USA's National Security Advisor John Bolton extended his support to Taiwan when China allegedly breached the median line in the Taiwan Strait on March 31.
"We offered to divide the Caspian sea by the median line, and Iran offered to divide it by 20 percent.
"The French authorities have the responsibility for enforcing the rules on the French side of the median line, but there seems to be no evidence that the French authorities took any action.
"In areas of overlap, unless a previous bilateral agreement has been reached, a median line should be used to determine which state has the provisional right to license exploration and production," the AMTI said.