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Noun1.Medicaid funds - public funds used to pay for MedicaidMedicaid funds - public funds used to pay for Medicaid
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To date, Beshears office has obtained settlements that will return over $64 million to taxpayers through recoveries of state and federal Medicaid funds, Medicare funds, and other funds through civil settlements and obligations of criminal restitution.
Under Arkansas' hybrid expansion program, Medicaid funds are used to purchase private plans for low-income residents through the insurance marketplace.
Three days later, Abbott's campaign sent a fundraising email to supporters, proclaiming that Planned Parenthood "will be completely cut off from Medicaid funds in light of recent undercover videos showing dangerous changes in abortion procedures to turn baby body parts into cash.
The state had a separate allotment of Medicaid funds for mental health services, alternately called behavioral health services.
To fix the problem, states could allow Medicaid-eligible residents 12 uninterrupted months on Medicaid, use Medicaid funds to subsidize marketplace coverage for low-income residents, and encourage the same health insurers to offer plans in Medicaid and in the marketplaces, which would allow continuous coverage regardless of who was paying.
The law uses federal Medicaid funds to buy private insurance for about 250,000 state residents who earn up to 133 per cent of the poverty line minimum, or USD15,415 per year.
The entire act was upheld, although the Court did limitthe federal government's power to terminate states' Medicaid funds.
In its landmark 5-4 ruling on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, the court made it more difficult for the federal government to withhold existing Medicaid funds from states that refuse to participate in the law's Medicaid expansion.
Those providers must then work through pharmacy benefits managers to distribute Medicaid funds to pharmacies.
This study examines those costs across three major state funding mechanisms: state tax collections, Medicaid funds, and the costs of incarceration.
One of the biggest differences highlighted by the Omaha Herald is the fact that the Iowa affiliate has long received Title X family planning funds from the federal government, along with a federal waiver that lets the group expand eligibility for Medicaid funds.
As such, the new federal Medicaid funds require states to maintain their respective Medicaid eligibility standards that were in place as of July 1, 2008, and stay in compliance with prompt payment standards.

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