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one charged with the enforcement of the sanitary laws of a port or other place.

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"The medical officer of health for Brighton," said he when he returned.
Canterbury DHB Medical Officer of Health Alistair Humphrey was interviewed on TV One's Breakfast television show and warned people to get rid of old bags of carrots and lettuce since they are linked with the stomach bug.
Right is Dr George McGonigle who opened the Open Air School in the 1920s when he was medical officer of health for Stockton.
"One such example is allowing NPs to directly notify the Medical Officer of Health of an outbreak of an infectious disease, without having to go through a doctor," Annals said.
As the first medical officer of health, in the 1830s Dr William Henry Duncan, of Liverpool, worked to improve sanitation and relieve the appalling conditions of the working class.
Associate Medical Officer of Health for the Sudbury and District Health Unit, Vera Etches says pandemic planning can pay huge dividends for businesses and their suppliers down the road.
Thus was born the post of Medical Officer of Health, which provided this leadership until it was abolished in 1974.
McKeown, Toronto's Medical Officer of Health, said as he presented reports to the Board of Health on child health in Toronto.
In Canada, the medical officer of health for the province of Alberta concluded that forced home isolation of patients, posting signs on houses, and "quarantine" (details unspecified) captured only [approximately equal to] 60% of patients in the community because of diagnostic difficulties involving mild cases and failure to notify cases to authorities.
Before joining Cerner Corporation, he was the chief medical officer of Health Language Inc., and prior to that he was the physician leader of the development and deployment of the 1999 Davies Award-winning Colorado Kaiser Permanente Clinical Information System.

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