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one charged with the enforcement of the sanitary laws of a port or other place.

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The medical officer of health for Brighton," said he when he returned.
Canterbury DHB Medical Officer of Health Alistair Humphrey was interviewed on TV One's Breakfast television show and warned people to get rid of old bags of carrots and lettuce since they are linked with the stomach bug.
The year 1974 was a bad one for public health in the UK, not just because it saw the disappearance of the Medical Officer of Health post but, more importantly, because it terminated the explicit public health role of local government.
McKeown, Toronto's Medical Officer of Health, said as he presented reports to the Board of Health on child health in Toronto.
In Canada, the medical officer of health for the province of Alberta concluded that forced home isolation of patients, posting signs on houses, and "quarantine" (details unspecified) captured only [approximately equal to] 60% of patients in the community because of diagnostic difficulties involving mild cases and failure to notify cases to authorities.
The annual report of the Medical Officer of Health to the Coventry City Council (Dr E Hugh Snell) was issued yesterday.
Before joining Cerner Corporation, he was the chief medical officer of Health Language Inc.
The Medical Officer of Health pulled the nurses from the schools after several complaints to the Administration.
I cannot ride rough-shod over the decision of the Assembly to get the all-clear from the Chief Medical Officer of Health for Wales.
These signs are the most obvious weapons in a battle between citizens and the Medical Officer of Health in the Creston Valley in B.
The deputy medical officer of health, Cardiff, Dr W Anderson, said, "Although supplies of the smallpox vaccine are short, we have some for the essential contacts, but not for the public.

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