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quack 1

The characteristic sound uttered by a duck.
intr.v. quacked, quack·ing, quacks
To utter the characteristic sound of a duck.

[Middle English quek, of imitative origin.]

quack′y adj.

quack 2

1. An untrained person who pretends to be a physician and dispenses medical advice and treatment.
2. A charlatan; a mountebank.
Relating to or characteristic of a quack: a quack cure.
intr.v. quacked, quack·ing, quacks
To act as a medical quack or a charlatan.

[Short for quacksalver.]

quack′er·y n.
quack′ish adj.
quack′ish·ly adv.


n, pl -eries
the activities or methods of a quack


(ˈkwæk ə ri)

n., pl. -er•ies.
1. the practice or methods of a quack.
2. an instance of this.


1. false pretense to medical skill, knowledge, or qualification; medical charlatanry.
2. the actions or practice of a medical charlatan. — quack, n., adj.
See also: Lies and Lying
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend:
Noun1.quackery - medical practice and advice based on observation and experience in ignorance of scientific findings
medical practice - the practice of medicine
2.quackery - the dishonesty of a charlatan
knavery, dishonesty - lack of honesty; acts of lying or cheating or stealing


[ˈkwækərɪ] Ncharlatanismo m (Med) → curanderismo m


[ˈkwækəri] ncharlatanisme m



n. curanderismo, charlatanería.
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And while more carriers are adding SIU units and allocating more resources toward fighting medical fraud, their efforts could not be counted toward the rigid SIU mandate under A.8913-A."
NHIF has in the past raised the alarm over increased medical fraud from both private and public health institutions.
Wingate, Assistant District Attorney for Mississippi's 14th Circuit Court District, and State Special Assistant Attorney General presiding over the Medical Fraud Division.
In addition, the agency reviews the Sexual Abuse Registry, the Medical Fraud & Abuse Registry and checks the national criminal database.
WCIRB Studied Impact of Medical Fraud Enforcement in California
The scale of medical fraud in Britain is still small by comparison, but some of the companies that have paid huge fraud fines in the US--including UnitedHealth, McKesson, Celgene and the Hospital Corporation of America--are becoming increasingly involved in NHS privatisation schemes, writes journalist Dave Lindorff in the London Review of Books.
Whereas credit card fraud is quickly detected and the card is deactivated, personal health information is difficult to mark as fraudulent and can be used for drug or other medical fraud for months or years.
Clear guidelines are set for medical fraud and abuse for in-person doctor visits.
Under government, hospital and corporate contract obligations, the failure to attempt to collect the copay or providing "physician courtesy rates," creates physician legal liability, designated as medical fraud. With the increase in numbers of employed physicians, complete loss of control over any financial oversight occurs, while all legal responsibilities remain.
The Office of Inspector General, Washington, D.C., has released a report on the efforts of Federal and state medical fraud control units, which investigate and prosecute fraud, as well as patient abuse and neglect at health care facilities.
There is also medical fraud where criminals are using someone else's identity to obtain medical care and taint the victims' medical history.

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