Medicine bag

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a charm; - so called among the North American Indians, or in works relating to them.

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Part of the reason why we wanted to provide the manual and the medicine bag in pdf format was so that health resource people or teachers or counsellors, anybody in community development, can download this resource for free and use it in their own settings, whether it be in the friendship centre or in the health centre," Daniels said.
I had flown over Victoria Falls, walked past four elephants on the way to the bank and seen Dr Livingstone's real medicine bag.
Quinn pointed to a leather medicine bag - used by keyboardist Ron ``Pigpen'' McKiernan to carry drugs - which drew $3,700.
Dr Henry Waters, chair of South Tees CCG, said: "Get into the habit of using a bag like the Green Medicine Bag.
The campaign introduces the idea of a Green Medicine Bag as a key way of doing this, although any bag would do as long as medicines are kept together in one easy place.
There was a medicine bag next to the victim who is known to have a heart condition.
8220;It is essential to have stories in the medicine bag and to have relationships with them—the living experiences of stories of power.
Whether she's making a medicine bag for a Jackie Chan movie or weaving a sweetgrass basket for an Elder, Ojibway artist Lee Hillman enjoys striking a personal cord with the people who buy her handiwork.
Mum Et Moi provides French accessories, medicine bag, toiletry bag eco toys, puppet kits, pedal cars, customized bags, cardboard toys, French jewellery, mums trendy jewels, mums bespoke jewels stickers and posters.
One of the most spectacular pieces in his display is called The Traveller, a man dressed in traditional garb with a coke can in a medicine bag tied around his neck.
A porcupine quill medicine bag, pipe bowls and a gunstock club crafted by nations living around the Great Lakes during the seventeenth and nineteenth centuries are among the pieces now displayed in the gallery's Canadian wing.