Medicine bag

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a charm; - so called among the North American Indians, or in works relating to them.

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The medicine bag pebbles included black obsidian for "grounding and protection", carnelian for "support for female issues", lapis lazuli for "the speaking of one's truth" and clear quartz for "connection with your higher self, intuition and spirit guides" ($85).
A medicine bag is needed to place their medicines, Vaseline and powder, compressive ligaments, skin burn ointments, wound wipes, gauze, cottons, salts to treat dehydration, and rehydration powders.
I travel with a massive medicine bag filled with stuff for almost any ailment.
The medicine bag will offer an appropriate solution in cancer treatment; which came as to be positive for the pharmaceutical firm.
She remained calm for a while, but when one the the nuns destroyed her medicine bag she became enraged, then resorted to drinking holy water to prevent her heart from turning to ice.
With her companions Kyle and Lukas, plus her faithful Marky Medicine Bag plus personal surgical instrument friends, Dr.
Which brings me back to that medicine bag in the Six Nations Museum and the story Ray's son John told me: One day, John said, things were quiet here at the museum, no visitors, and his dad kept glancing up at that medicine bag.
In contrast, SPIRIT RECOVERY MEDICINE BAG is arranged around health and wholeness, and offers 12 step programs and insights on how real transformation is achieved.
The campaign introduces the idea of a Green Medicine Bag as a key way of doing this.
The campaign introduces the idea of a green medicine bag as a key way of doing this - although any bag or container would do as long as medicines are kept together in one easy place.
The agents found some clothing, a medicine bag and some food and two English dictionaries, which contained a transparent plastic bag cunningly concealed in the middle pages of the books.
This issue has considered the implications of the current practices of complementary and alternative medicine in the perinatal period, and provided an opportunity to fill your medicine bag of options for care that are supported in the research.