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n.1.Science of medicine.
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However, there is one section of the army that deserves as much praise, if not more, for their service, and remains unseen - the medics, who put their lives on the line to keep the army going in the battlefield.
Army Combat Lifesaver Course (CLC) is intended to bridge first aid training self aid and buddy care and the medical training of combat medics.
Often this type of training, a biennial requirement, becomes a watered-down, static exercise, devoid of the combination of environmental stressors and problem-solving required to create competent and confident medics.
When deploying to combat, what leader would not want twice the combat medics for his or her element?
Previously, basic first aid had been the extent of the training undertaken by those supervising newmarket's gallops, but heath medics will now be able to more effectively respond to those with potentially life-threatening injuries, such as catastrophic bleeds or spinal injuries.
The board comprises of medics that specialize in radiology, neurology and other medical disciplines.
The last 14 years of armed conflicts have been challenging for Combat Medics, both tactically and technically.
Many Israeli medics also carry automatic machine guns despite the fact that whenever they operate in the Palestinian occupied territories many fully armed soldiers always accompany them.
Diagnostic information company Quest Diagnostics (NYSE:DGX) said on Wednesday that its ExamOne business has agreed to acquire the business assets of Superior Mobile Medics for an undisclosed value.
A groundbreaking study by Coventry medics has discovered how body clock genes could aect women's ability to have children.
Listen: I am injured in a Rami-Levy in Mishor Adumim; I am a medic from Jerusalem," the medic says to the hotline operator.
Around 100 medics from Childwall-based 208 (Liverpool) Field Hospital attended the training, which hoped to prepare the reservists to erect a hospital within 16 hours anywhere in the world.