n.1.Same as Para.
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Madeline Bianchi, Julia Warner (3) and Ashtyn Coleman; Caroline Medino, Kelsey Saucier (1) and Lindsay Gurska.
Shyla Samson, Jim Sarthou, Ariel Dim Borlongan,Tom Canchela, Joselito Testa, Norsel del Rosario, Graham Rae Buenaseda, MB's Ramir Medino and Robert de Luna and Tanya Scaife of Star Magic.
Carolina Arguedas Medino, EBAIS del Hospital Clinica Biblica, Costa Rica caroarme@gmail.
Scindia, who was accompanied by a business delegation, had bilateral delegation level talks with the Cuban acting Minister of Foreign Relations Marcelino Medino during which the entire spectrum of India- Cuba relations was reviewed with the objective of adding more economic content to existing strong political and cultural ties.
Es responsabilidad del usuario proteger al 100% un dispositivo que esta expuesto a toda lo conectividad": Medino do Somsung
Masternak is president of Masternak and Associates in Medino, Ohio.
Madeline Bianchi and Ashtyn Coleman; Caroline Medino, Clare Doolin (6) and Lindsay Gurska.
Caroline Medino, Kelsey Saucier (3), Casey Arpin (6) and Lindsay Gurska; Rowan Turner and Ruth Zimmerman.
Caroline Medino, Casey Arpin (5) and Gurska; Ali Reilly and Benoit.
Clare Doolin got the win with a one-hitter in the opener, before Caroline Medino (4 IP, 1 hit) and Casey Arpin (3 IP, 2 hits) were solid in the second game.