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Information technology company IBM (NYSE:IBM) and ZAO Medit Profi, a provider of solutions for TV production and broadcasting based on open computing technologies, announced on Friday (7 September) that the companies have successfully completed a newsroom modernisation project at TV Channel 5 in St Petersburg, Russia.
The objective of this paper is to evaluate the determinants of bilateral trade flows among 47 countries and particularly, the effects of preferential agreements between several economic blocs and areas: European Union (EU), North-American Free Trade Area (NAFTA), Caribbean Community (CARICOM), Centro-American Common Market (CACM) and other Mediterranean countries (MEDIT).
Apres avoir medit des Quenu-Gradelle et de leur amitie soi-disant interessee pour Gavard, "il fut convenu," nous dit Zola, passant au discours indirect, "que les Quenu-Gradelle etaient des pas grand chose, et qu'on les surveillerait." Puis les trois commeres parlent de Florent: -- "Je ne sais quel micmac il y a chez eux, dit la vieille fille, mais ca ne sent pas bon [...].
Paribas Affaires Industrielles (PAI) has announced the acquisition alongside its American partner UGI and the Italian company Medit, of total control of Elf Antargaz, the erstwhile TotalFinaElf subsidiary specialising in butane-propane (LPG) distribution.
BNP Paribas will purchase 70% of capital for an undisclosed sum, with the American Amerigas (UGI group) acquiring 20% and the Italian propane-butane specialists Medit the remaining 10%.
Educational Degrees in Germany (West), 1990-95 (in percent) Without Elementary Secondary Lower Inter- Certificate School School Secondary mediate abroad abroad school school Men 1990 Germans (West) 4 - - 54 19 Medit. immigrants 20 44 12 18 5 Turks 20 37 20 20 3 Second generation 0 0 1 75 19 Men 1995 Germans (West) 3 - - 52 19 Medit.
From the outset of his metaphysical quest for the foundation of the new quantitative physics, Descartes is so disenchanted with the beclouded intelligibility of the extramental world of nature in general that he can remark at one point in Medit., Resp.
lxxii.34.2), while that Emperor himself rates the 'fear of God' alongside holiness and justice as the ultimate goals of reason (Medit. xi.20.2).(45) Dionysius of Halicarnassus describes Numa and Xenophon as 'righteous and God-fearing' ([Greek Text Omitted]: Antiq.