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v. t.1.To mix; to mingle; to meddle.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Take rwe, and onyons, and a litil oyle, and medle hem togedre.
I schal medle [??]e moderis milke with [??]e childes bloude [??]at schal quenche al [??]e mislikyng of my flesch and of my saule.
A new waterworks will be built in the town of Medle. From there, water will be supplied to Skelleftea via a system of pipes.
Though "there was no man so dul that heard them, but he perceiued well inough" that they were watching a staged performance, they understood that in such "Kynges games" they were all but "lokers on," and that "thei that wise be, wil medle no farther." More's Baynard Castle scene is another moral exemplum like that of Hastings's downfall: it depicts the wiles of the tyrant at the beginning but climaxes with the willful blindness required to make it successful.
Pick of the bunch was 15-year-old Jenny Fowle three County Junior titles in vidual medle vidual medle 100m fly.
CONTENDER: Chef Morris and his sea bass dish (left); COOKING: Chef Rob and his medle of fish dish (right)
A8] I intende not to medle with that mater But leaue it as it is Let vs one for an other praye 95 With good hope as longe as we maye That we maye com to heuyns blys.
With plow can y noght medle ne with harrow Ne wote noght what londe gode is for corne And forto laude a Cart or fille a barow To wiche y neuer vsid whas to forne My bak vnbuxum' hathe swych swynk for sworne.
Do perto half an vnce of poudere of peper & an vnce of poudere of comyn & medle hem togedere haluendel be wasted.
Then he cautioned his sons, speaking from personal experience, that wine can make them "curyous and full of playe as an Ape / For the Ape is of suche nature that whan he seeth one do a thynge he enforceth hym to doo the same / and so doo many whan they ben dronke they will medle them with alle offices and matiers that apperteyne no thynge to them....