n.1.(Zool.) A medusa.
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Her Medusian look is so powerful that he faints as if struck by "the deadly femme castratrice" (Creed 1993, 127; italics in the original).
While critic Gillian Alban has approached the gaze of Medusa in A Severed Head (1961), I will expand this into a greater understanding of the objectification and gender relationships in her early novels; how the Medusian gaze interacts with the male gaze inviting the reader to look with a more scathing eye at the narrator.
She was as stiff as a piece of wood with her anxiety" (87) and defensively fixes Antonia with a Medusian "cold young stare" (88).
Her Medusian side, which threatens to end the narrator's mobility, suggests his need to tame and contain her wildness and androgynous alterity.