Megan's law

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Meg·an's law

Any of numerous state and federal laws requiring information about registered sex offenders to be publicly available in order to enhance public safety.

[After Megan Kanka (1986-1993), whose rape and murder by a convicted sex offender led to the passage of such laws.]
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Meg′an's Law′

(ˈmeɪ gənz)
any of various laws aimed at people convicted of sex-related crimes, requiring community notification of the release of offenders, establishment of a registry of offenders, etc.
[1990–95; after Megan Kanka, young girl killed by an ex-convict]
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The lawsuit claims the dioceses failed to meet their reporting obligations, since only 10 of the 301 priests named as alleged sexual abusers in the grand jury report are publicly listed on Pennsylvania's Megan's Law database.
The most recent Congress has set out to stop sex trafficking and sex tourism by passing International Megan's Law.
Reports claimed the State Department said Thursday, in order to comply with the International Megan's Law passed last year, the passports of registered child molesters will be revoked.
Neither man has ever sponsored a bill like the Amber Alert, Megan's Law, Jessica's Law, but they keep getting voted in.
A FORMER CONNECTICUT SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE WHO AUTHORED THE NATION'S SECOND "MEGAN'S LAW" IN 1995 IS PRODUCING A 13-PART SERIES ON CHILD SEX TRAFFICKING called "Turnpike Chronicles." As a lawmaker, Jim Amann (D)--who was elected in 1991 and served as speaker from 2005 to 2009--worked to change domestic sex trafficking laws.
Ms Payne campaigned in support of bringing in a scheme similar to Megan's Law in the US, which allows every parent in the country to know if dangerous offenders are living in their area.
Three years ago this newspaper launched a campaign for an Irish version of the US Megan's Law to be introduced here.
While this pilot does not go as far as Megan's Law, it is considered a halfway house between full public disclosure and total secrecy.
Sarah's law will never become Megan's law, that's for sure.
AFTER the abduction and murder of Sarah Payne by Roy Whiting in 2000, her parents campaigned for the names of sex offenders living locally to be released in Britain, as they are in 21 American states under Megan's Law, which was inspired by a similar crime.
He agreed with probation officers and support groups who have warned that Megan's Law had not proved effective, and may have driven some offenders underground.
But opposition MPs accused Reid of spin and said it was nothing like the US "Megan's Law" which allows anyone to see a public register listing the names and addresses of convicted sex offenders.