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An ancient city of east-central Greece. It was the capital of Megaris, a small Dorian state between the Saronic Gulf and the Gulf of Corinth. Megara flourished as a maritime center from the eighth to the fifth century bc.


(Placename) a town in E central Greece: an ancient trading city, founding many colonies in the 7th and 8th centuries bc. Pop: (municipality): 27 252 (2001)


(ˈmɛg ər ə)

a city in ancient Greece: the chief city of Megaris.
Me•gar•i•an, Me•gar•e•an (məˈgær i ən) Me•gar′ic, adj.
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The 13ft pregnant female, found near Megara, Greece, is believed to have become disorientated and beached while trying to rip fish hooks from her mouth.