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Noun1.Megatheriidae - extinct ground slothsMegatheriidae - extinct ground sloths    
mammal family - a family of mammals
suborder Xenarthra, Xenarthra - armadillos; American anteaters; sloths
megatherian, megatherian mammal, megatheriid - a large extinct ground sloth
genus Megatherium, Megatherium - type genus of the Megatheriidae
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Dentro de los mamiferos reconocidos, los grupos mas frecuentes estan representados por roedores, cingulados (Glyptodontidae, Pampatheriidae, Dasypodidae) y tardigrados (Megatheriidae y Mylodontidae).
Superorder Xenarthra Cope, 1889 Order Tardigrada Latham y Davies en Forster, 1795 Familia Megatheriidae Gray, 1821 Genero Megatherium Cuvier, 1796 Megatherium cf.
That is the case of the Glyptodontidae, Megalonychidae, Mylodontidae and Megatheriidae within the xenarthrans; to which the "native ungulates" must be added, with high diversification of lineages during the Paleogene and part of the Neogene, and whose last representatives (Litopterna Macraucheniidae and Notoungulata Toxodontidae) took part in this large extinction.