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An ancient city of northwest Palestine on the southern edge of the Plain of Esdraelon. It was the scene of many battles throughout early history because of its strategic position on the route connecting Egypt with Mesopotamia.
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(Placename) an ancient town in N Palestine, strategically located on a route linking Egypt to Mesopotamia: site of many battles, including an important Egyptian victory over rebel chieftains in 1469 or 1468 bc. See also Armageddon
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(məˈgɪd oʊ)

an ancient city in N Israel, on the plain of Esdraelon: often identified with the Biblical Armageddon.
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On 9 July, he was transferred to a cell in the "Ma'abar" section of Megiddo detention center.
In the Living Bible version: "And they gathered all the armies of the world near a place called, in Hebrew, Armageddon -- the Mountain of Megiddo." The other versions of the Holy Bible like the New International Version, the Good News Bible, the King James Version, and the Everyday Bible Version also mention the word Armageddon.
Linares, an archaeologist working on her PhD at Tel Aviv University in Israel, has been investigating a tomb discovered in 2016 in the ancient city of Megiddo, a place better known by its biblical name, Armageddon.
Among specific topics are how to encounter a historical problem: 722-720 BCE as a case study, the "Lost Tribes of Israel" in the context of the resettlement program of the Assyrian Empire, Megiddo and Jezreel reflected in the dying embers of the Northern Kingdom of Israel, the last days of Israel: chronological considerations, and Isaiah and the fall of the Kingdom of Israel.
Written by Eric Cline, an archaeologist with more than 30 seasons of excavation experience, Three Stones Make a Wall traces the history of archaeology from an amateur pursuit to the cutting-edge science it is today by taking the reader on a tour of major archaeological sites and discoveries, from Pompeii to Petra, Troy to the Terracotta Warriors, and Mycenae to Megiddo and Masada.
couple on a biblical topic in which they mentioned that they routinely participated in a dig at Megiddo in northern Israel and that, if anyone wanted to join in, volunteers were welcome.
The end is nigh at Armageddon -- at least for an old Israeli prison near the ancient ruins of Megiddo, by tradition the site of the apocalyptic biblical battle between good and evil.
Barger's epic science fiction series, "Megiddo" is full of action, surprises, and emotional twists and turns.
This brings up the number of minors detained in Israeli jails to 350, in both Ofer and Megiddo prisons.
The brothers were then transferred to the Huwwara detention center near Nablus, and then to the Megiddo prison north of the West Bank, where they were strip searched.