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Meiny, Meine

 a family; a body of attendants; a company of people employed together; a great number; the multitude, 1609. See also flock, retinue, train.
Examples: meiny of attendants; of brooks; of chessmen (a set); of cranes, 1484; of geese, 1484; of male foals, 1522; of oxen, 1530; of people, 1609; of pilgrims, 1442; of plants, 1530; of discontented puritans, 1670; of rascals, 1529; of sheep, 1522; of sparrows, 1556; of villains, 1529.
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'Ich wage die Gedanken in der Schale meines Zornes und die Werke mit dem Gewichte meines Grimms.' I like it!"
You will judge me, no doubt of that - but please meine Allerliebste consider that you have had the good fortune to be brought up in a cosy Welsh world surrounded by aunties with their everlasting knitting, chapel and Welshcakes - a safe world where nothing ever happened to you much worse than a bumped knee - & you were never exposed to damaging influences.
Also inscribed is the regiment motto "Meine Ehre Heisst Treue" - loyalty is my honour.
Janet Meine, Amy Reed, and Susan Speer, you made being a member of the ADAA fun.
They made their first appearance in Beirut in 1996, and performed twice at Byblos International Festival in 2011 and 2013 and according to vocalist Klaus Meine, they hope to keep coming back for more.
The tour bus comes to Great Baltic Warehouse on Saturday and not only will the first 200 guests enjoy a free Brooklyn beer, Liverpool DJ Jessica Beaumont, AKA Breakwave - who hosts her own Meine Nachte parties in the city - will be on the decks.
At its far end, a screen rose to the ceiling, a lattice of wood strips stained a reddish brown (Untitled, 2018); mounted on it were the ceramic reliefs In den Kiinstlerkolonien (In the Artist Colonies), 2017, Meine Frauengruppe (My Women's Group), 2016, and Ausgeschlossen, Wiedereintritt (Excluded, Reentry), 2018.
Elena Ferrante comes in fourth with "Meine geniale Freundin" ("My Brilliant Friend").
Collaboratively compiled and co-edited by Curt Meine (a conservation biologist and writer affiliated with the Aldo Leopold Foundation, Center for Humans and Nature, International Crane Foundation, and University of Wisconsin-Madison) and Keefe keeley (executive director of the Savanna Institute), "The Driftless Reader" is a compendium of writings that highlight the unique natural and cultural history, landscape, and literature of this region that encompasses southwestern Wisconsin and adjacent Minnesota, Iowa, and Illinois.
The following provocative quotation was written and publicly presented, according to Leopold's biographer, Curt Meine, just some sixteen months prior to Leopold organising his 'Land Ethic' essay, (47) and both are published in A Sand County Almanac.
Im Laufe der Jahre habe ich immer wieder Hornisten mit Dystonie kennengelernt, mit ihnen gearbeitet und dadurch meine Beobachtungen gemacht.