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Noun1.Meissner - German anatomist (1829-1905)
2.Meissner - German physicist (1882-1974)
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Eight years later, Meissner is a vice president managing the Seattle office for Pacific Capital Resource Group/Penn Mutual.
Schott & Meissner is a family owned business, located in Blaufelden, Germany.
We're thrilled to have Jeff on board to help usher Genesis Today into a new era," Meissner remarked.
I had told how Stephen Meissner had been banned from being a director for 14 years for his role at PS3.
Gloria was born in Queens Village, New York the daughter of the late Charles and Frances (Zinski) Meissner.
The bank has appointed Alexis Meissner to the role.
New and renewable energy is at the "top of the government's priorities," said Minister of Industry, Foreign Trade and Investment Mounir Fakhry Abdel Nour after his meeting with Consilio Chairman Oliver Meissner.
com)-- Tim Meissner has been named Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Amerifresh, a leading produce marketer to the retail grocery and foodservice industries.
Cody Meissner, professor of pediatrics at Tufts University, Boston, said in an interview.
Qatar Tribune spoke with Tape That member Thomas Meissner, who, together with Stephan Am, was recently in town for the workshops.
Despite the shortcomings with apprehension data, Meissner said that the efforts to secure the border shouldn't be discounted within the debate on immigration reform.