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Noun1.Meissner - German anatomist (1829-1905)
2.Meissner - German physicist (1882-1974)
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His lawyer, Stuart Meissner, said Gouthro can also corroborate previous claims ( Tesla interfered with internal investigations into the alleged theft of $37 million of raw material at the Gigafactory.
NEWPORT BEACH, Calif: Melinda Meissner Barham joined Alliant as Senior Vice President.
Marion Boyer * Alice Campbell Romano Stephanie Christie * Don Coburn Mac Gay * Don Hogle * Joe Jackson Naima Cerulean Kazmi * George Kramer Rosa Lane * Katharyn Machan * Bill Meissner Aline Mello * Kelly Vande Plasse Greg Rappleye * Rebecca Rose Patti Trimble * Chelsea Whitton
Christian Meissner, Bank of America's head of corporate and investment banking, is departing the role amid the bank's recent loss of market share in the mergers and acquisitions market, the Financial Times reports, citing a memo from COO Tom Montag.
Christian Meissner is to depart as head of corporate and investment banking.
STEFAN MEISSNER IS A POLISH-BORN VETERAN WHO LIVED IN WARSAW at the time of the German invasion in 1939.
In terms of rate of change, we are in uncharted waters," said study co-author Katrin Meissner of the University of New South Wales in Australia.
There have been few studies looking at the impact of rheumatoid arthritis and its treatment on heart failure outcomes, RABBIT investigator Yvette Meissner, Dipl.Pharm., said in an interview at the European Congress of Rheumatology.
Meissner Jr., 55, Unitil's senior vice president and chief operating officer, has been selected to succeed Schoenberger.
Led by guard Faye Meissner, Breese Central (29-5) didn't make it easy for the Raiders.
part of Hassan Group in Turkey have chosen Schott & Meissner heat treatment technologies for their new lines, which will increase their capabilities and capacities for more sophisticated materials in wipes, hygiene, automotive and filtration industries.
However, sex differentiation is difficult in many species with monomorphic plumage due to a large overlap in the linear dimensions of males and females (Jakubas & Wojczulanis 2007, Meissner & Krupa 2016).