Meister Eckhart

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Noun1.Meister Eckhart - German Roman Catholic theologian and mystic (1260-1327)
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Sweeney; MEISTER ECKHART'S BOOK OF SECRETS; Hampton Roads Publishing (Nonfiction: Religion) 16.95 ISBN: 9781571748478
Albert the Great, the mystic Meister Eckhart, Cardinal Tomas Cajetan (who crossed intellectual swords with Martin Luther), and Fray Francisco Vitoria, the father of international law and human rights, whose bust graces the United Nations in New York.
Other ways of stating this truth appear in mystical literature, especially Meister Eckhart, as Hegel recognized and Theron points out.
From a July 2014 conference at Notre Dame University, 24 papers explore contemplation in medieval philosophy from the perspectives of conceptual approaches, struggling with philosophy, understanding theology, the first known, Meister Eckhart's legacy, mystical theology and contemplation, and prospects of the second scholastic.
Dangerous Mystic: Meister Eckhart's Path to the God Within by Joel F.
In the title essay, the last one in the volume and by far the longest, Stetie proposes a dialectic opposing the desert with the notion of "greening" and deploys it in a meditation on figures as diverse as Joyce and Jabes, Rumi and Meister Eckhart, Goethe and Holderlin.
This is a theme that Kierkegaard inherits from the philosophical and theological traditions stemming from Meister Eckhart. Additionally, the forms of Kierkegaard's writing are irreducibly apophatic-animated by a passion to communicate what cannot be said.
LOLIAN Robat Gruffudd (Y Lolfa, PS9.99) ABC o Lolian: A - Athronyddu/ Yr Almaen B - Bronnau C - Cyhoeddi CH - Y Chwyldro D - Dwyster Mae'r dyddiaduron yn dechrau ym mis Awst 1961 a'r athronyddu i'w weld yn fuan iawn, ym mis Rhagfyr 1961, wrth i Robat drafod pwrpas bywyd efo'i fam - a chawn sawl enghraifft rhwng 1961 a 2014 o fyfyrdodau athronyddol yr awdur, ac enwau fel Meister Eckhart ac Oblomov yn britho'i ddyddiaduron.
Alana King's 'Gelassenheit and Confessionalization: Valentin Weigel Reads Meister Eckhart' briefly addresses Lutherian contradictions before unfolding Weigel's role which 'would give Eckhart such a prominent place', to provide a template for reading much of Weigel's own 'controversial work' and spiritual interrogations.
Fox reimmersed himself in Merton's journals, poetry, and religious writings, finding that Merton's marriage of mysticism and prophecy, contemplation and action closely paralleled that of Meister Eckhart, the thirteenth-century mystic who inspired Fox's own Creation Spirituality.
The last winner to go on to score at Cheltenham was My Way De Solzen, who landed the World Hurdle in 2006, although his trainer Alan King's Meister Eckhart was second in the Coral Cup three years ago after filling the same position in this contest, and third-placed Refinement was short-headed in the Mares' Hurdle in 2008.