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 (mīs′tər-sĭng′ər, -zĭng′-)
n. pl. Meistersinger or Meis·ter·sing·ers
A member of one of the guilds organized in the principal cities of Germany in the 1300s, 1400s, and 1500s to establish competitive standards for the composition and performance of music and poetry. Also called mastersinger.

[German, from Middle High German : meister, master (from Old High German meistar, from Latin magister; see master) + singer, singer (from singen, to sing, from Old High German singan; see sengwh- in Indo-European roots).]


n, pl -singer or -singers
1. (Poetry) a member of one of the various German guilds of workers or craftsmen organized to compose and perform poetry and music. These flourished in the 15th and 16th centuries
2. (Classical Music) a member of one of the various German guilds of workers or craftsmen organized to compose and perform poetry and music. These flourished in the 15th and 16th centuries
[C19: German: master singer]


(ˈmaɪ stərˌsɪŋ ər, -ˌzɪŋ-)

n., pl. -sing•er, -sing•ers.
a member of any of the German guilds of workingmen established largely in the 15th and 16th centuries for the cultivation of poetry and music.
[1835–45; < German: master singer]
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As the overture proceeds, Wagner goes to the piano and plays along, making room for a four-handed turn with Liszt; as they play, younger versions of Wagner climb out of the instrument, as well as the Meistersingers of the title.
The Philippine Meistersingers, formerly known as the Adventist University of the Philippines Ambassadors, sing the choral arrangement of 'Lupang Hinirang' by the late National Artist for Music Lucio San Pedro in Los Angeles, California.
Emslie cites Schopenhauer and Freud is his analysis of The Ring of the Nibelung, Tristan und Isolde, Die Meistersingers and Parsifal.
Though it is unlikely that this school had the rigid structure of the later meistersinger Singschulen, the strained ingenuity and mannered conceits of Frauenlob's verses make him the true model of the meistersingers.
She and the visiting knight Walther von Stolzing love each other, but he must learn to channel his lyrical gifts into acceptable aesthetic form, which has to be passed communally by the Meistersingers as the result of a test.
The Meistersingers, of whom the most famous were Hans Sachs and Hans Folz (c1450 - c1510), usually formed organizations similar to the craft guilds of the day: the title of " master " was given only to those who had proven their creative and vocal talent, and singing contests were often held among the masters.
11, the contestants are Regina Coeli, Technological Institute of the Philippines Choral Society, Centro Escolar University SingersManila, Lighter Side Movement, Polytechnic University of the Philippines Bagong Himig Serenata, Earist Chorale, Adamson University Chorale, Kinaadman, New University of Makati Chorale, Magsaysay Chorale, Kalibnusan Male Vocal Ensemble, Meistersingers, Nueva Ecija University of Science and Technology, and Mt.
The "minor" Meistersingers themselves are nicely sung, distinctively voiced and excellent in ensemble in the Act I test scene especially.
plural meistersingers, German plural Meistersinger A member of any of various German guilds, especially of the 15th and 16th centuries, composed chiefly of workingmen and craftsmen and formed for the cultivation of poetry and music.
Intended to be small, practical potboilers that would provide an income for the completion of the Ring, both of these operas substantially outgrew their original conception, to become two of the most demanding operas ever written: Tristan und Isolde (1865; see Tristan and Iseult ) and Die Meistersinger von Nurnberg ( The Mastersingers of Nuremberg, 1868; see Meistersingers ).
Semifinal qualifiers in the open category include Regina Coeli, TIP Choral Society, CEU Singers Manila, Lighter Side Movement, PUP Bagong Himig Serenata, EARIST Chorale Adamson University Chorale, Boscorale, Los Cantantes de Manila, Hearts in Harmony, University of Manila Singers, CEU Singers Malolos, OMPHP Youth Ensemble V, ICP Charismatic Chorale, Kinaadman Chorale, New UMAK Chorale, Magsaysay Chorale, PNU Kalibnusan Male Vocal Ensemble, The Meistersingers, Nueva Ecija University of Science and Technology, Mt Carmel College Chorale, University of Baguio Voices Chorale, Koro Ilustrado, Cebu Singing Ambassadors, Voce, PLM Student Choral Society, University of Perpetual HelpDALTA, and Chorus Vocales.
1494 - 1576) German poet and dramatist, by trade a shoemaker, most skillful and famous of the Meistersingers.