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 (mā′kông′, -kŏng′)
A river of southeast Asia flowing about 4,500 km (2,800 mi) from southeast China to the South China Sea through a vast delta in southern Vietnam. The delta, a major rice-growing area, was the scene of heavy fighting during the Vietnam War.


(Placename) a river in SE Asia, rising in SW China in Qinghai province: flows southeast forming the border between Laos and Myanmar, and part of the border between Laos and Thailand, then continues south across Cambodia and Vietnam to the South China Sea by an extensive delta, one of the greatest rice-growing areas in Asia. Length: about 4025 km (2500 miles)


(ˈmeɪ kɔŋ, -kɒŋ, ˈmi-)

a river whose source is in SW China, flowing SE along most of the boundary between Thailand and Laos to the South China Sea. 2600 mi. (4200 km) long.
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Noun1.Mekong - an Asian riverMekong - an Asian river; flows through a large delta in southern Vietnam into the South China Sea
Burma, Myanmar, Union of Burma - a mountainous republic in southeastern Asia on the Bay of Bengal; "much opium is grown in Myanmar"
Cambodia, Kampuchea, Kingdom of Cambodia - a nation in southeastern Asia; was part of Indochina under French rule until 1946
Cathay, China, Communist China, mainland China, People's Republic of China, PRC, Red China - a communist nation that covers a vast territory in eastern Asia; the most populous country in the world
Lao People's Democratic Republic, Laos - a mountainous landlocked communist state in southeastern Asia; achieved independence from France in 1949
Kingdom of Thailand, Siam, Thailand - a country of southeastern Asia that extends southward along the Isthmus of Kra to the Malay Peninsula; "Thailand is the official name of the former Siam"
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A Cambodian representative to the Mekong River Commission (MRC) said yesterday that new guidelines for hydropower development agreed to late last month don't fully address threats to the health of the imperiled waterway.
As Ambassador Williams explains, Australia is the only development partner in the Mekong region that engages all parties involved in water resources management including officials, researchers, private sector and communities.
The political will of the leaders to support this framework to achieve the goals of social and economic development of people in the Mekong River Basin.
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The bilingual Khmer band comprised of Aus tr alian c las sic ally tr ained musician Christopher Minko, vocalists and sisters Sophea and Sopheak Chamroeun, the multi-talented Jimmy B on accordion, saxophone and slide guitar, and James "Mao" Sokleap on bass guitar and keyboards, have been making big waves along the Mekong River, and on the international stage of late, in a multi-media of ways.
China released dammed water to ease drought conditions for countries in the lower Mekong River Basin: "for the downriver countries, the water release was a jarring reminder of not just China's newfound power to control the flow of a life-sustaining resource, but also of their own reliance on Beijing's goodwill and charity," writes Brahma Chellaney for the Japan Times.