Mekong Delta

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Me′kong Del′ta

the delta of the Mekong River in Vietnam.
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Be inspired by the hauntingly beautiful countryside Enjoy a full-day trip on the mighty Mekong River delta, the world's tenth largest river system
Training courses and technical assistance provided by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) in order to improve the Mekong River Delta mango value chain in Viet Nam have helped enhance the capacities of local suppliers and retailers.
Chapter 1 begins where the Mekong River delta meets the South China Sea and covers parts of the Vietnamese provinces of Tra Vinh, Soc Trang, and Bac Lieu.
Heavily dependent on the Mekong River Delta for rice production and the South China Sea for fishing and aquaculture, Vietnam faces an uncertain future faced with effects of climate change The authors look at how these climatic hazards will affect the infrastructure, culture, economy, and agriculture in Vietnam, and how the nationAEs policies will need to conform to these future challenges.
Over the past several years, the enormity of the environmental challenges facing the Mekong River Delta region of southern Vietnam has become increasingly clear.
Phnom Penh marks the start of Reach 6 and the of the Mekong River delta system, a low-lying deltaic area with slower-flowing braided rivers where the mainstream begins to break up into a large number of branches and divides into a complex and more and more controlled and artificial system of waterways and canals.
The sea route from the Mekong River Delta province of Kien Giang to Sihanoukville in Cambodia and Trat Province in Thailand, should have been introduced to tour operators and opened to tourists at the end of this year, but it has been delayed.
He served two tours of duty and volunteered to serve on a swift boat on the Mekong River delta.
Rice in Asia is grown in vast low-lying deltas and coastal areas such as the Mekong River delta, which produces more than half of Vietnam's rice; the rise in sea level from climate change will change the hydrology and salinity of these fields.
In the hot Mekong River delta of Vietnam, 25 volunteers from the U.
The Xayaburi dam would threaten at least 41 of the Mekong's 1,300 fish species and cause $476 million in direct losses through reduced fish harvests--an estimate that doesn't account for fisheries in Vietnam's fertile Mekong River Delta.