Melampsora lini

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Noun1.Melampsora lini - fungus causing flax rustMelampsora lini - fungus causing flax rust    
rust fungus, rust - any of various fungi causing rust disease in plants
genus Melampsora, Melampsora - rusts having sessile one-celled teliospores in a single layer
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Flor, 1971) studied the interaction between flax and the fungal pathogen (Melampsora lini) and reported that flax genes for resistance were dominant and rust genes for virulence were recessive and finally concluded that pathogens contain a mixture of molecules encoded by dominant avirulence (Avr) genes that generate defence responses in plants carrying the corresponding R gene (3).
Characterisation of a beta-tubulin gene from Melampsora lini and comparison of fungal beta-tubulin genes.
Nekoma is resistant to all known North America races of flax rust [caused by Melampsora lini (Ehrenb.) Desmaz.].