Melanitta nigra

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Noun1.Melanitta nigra - a variety of scoterMelanitta nigra - a variety of scoter      
scoter, scooter - large black diving duck of northern parts of the northern hemisphere
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Species Number Percent Surf Scoter 18 24.7 (Melanitta perspicillata) Long-tailed Duck 14 19.2 (Clangula hyemalis) White-winged Scoter 13 17.8 (Melanitta fusca) Greater Scaup 13 17.8 (Aythya marila) Black Scoter 8 10.1 (Melanitta nigra) Lesser Scaup 2 2.7 (Aythya affinis) Hooded Merganser 2 2.7 (Lophodytes cucullatus) Bufflehead 1 1.4 (Bucephala albeola) Harlequin Duck 1 1.4 (Histrionicus histrionicus) Mallard 1 1.4 (Anas platyrhynchos) Total 73 100.0 TABLE 2.
The worst casualty was the Common Scoter duck (Melanitta nigra), whose feeding technique of diving just below the surface of Carmarthen Bay led it straight into the middle of some of the worst slicks.
With any luck, the bellowing is soon replaced by the whistling wings of surf scoters (Melanitta perspicilatta), the relentless whe-oo-hoo of black scoters (Melanitta nigra), and boisterous ow-owooolee of long-tailed ducks (Clangula hyemalis) buzzing the decoys in the early morning light.