surf scoter

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surf scoter


surf duck

(Animals) a North American scoter, Melanitta perspicillata, having white patches on the head
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surf′ sco`ter

a large North American scoter, Melanitta perspicillata: the adult male is black with two white patches on the head.
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These mussels provide food for surf scoters Melanitta perspicillata (Linnaeus, 1758) in Chesapeake Bay (Berlin 2008).
Foraging effort of Surf Scoters (Melanitta perspicillata) wintering in a spatially and temporally variable prey landscape.
Foraging behavior of Surf Scoters (Melanitta perspicillata) and White-winged Scoters (M.
Species Number Percent Surf Scoter 18 24.7 (Melanitta perspicillata) Long-tailed Duck 14 19.2 (Clangula hyemalis) White-winged Scoter 13 17.8 (Melanitta fusca) Greater Scaup 13 17.8 (Aythya marila) Black Scoter 8 10.1 (Melanitta nigra) Lesser Scaup 2 2.7 (Aythya affinis) Hooded Merganser 2 2.7 (Lophodytes cucullatus) Bufflehead 1 1.4 (Bucephala albeola) Harlequin Duck 1 1.4 (Histrionicus histrionicus) Mallard 1 1.4 (Anas platyrhynchos) Total 73 100.0 TABLE 2.
Cinco especies solo fueron observadas en Agua Dulce (Anas platyrhynchos, Branta bernicla, Gavia immer, Melanitta perspicillata, Podiceps attritus y Podiceps nigricollis) y cinco en El Ermitano (Anas penelope, Anas strepera, Dendrocygna bicolor, Porphyrula martinica y Tachybaptus dominicus).
This note describes unusual foraging behavior observed in Surf Scoters (Melanitta perspicillata) along the shoreline of Drakes Bay on the Point Reyes Peninsula, California, in mid-January 2015.
This list includes six species of migratory birds: Canada goose (Branta canadensis), black duck (Anas rubripes), common eider (Somateria mollissima), surf scoter (Melanitta perspicillata), black scoter (Melanitta americana), and white-winged scoter (Melanitta deglandi).
(2006b) reported core areas of 5000 ha for a female king eider (Somateria spectabilis) and O'Connor (2008) reported average core areas of 317 ha for flightless surf scoters (Melanitta perspicillata), which is comparable to our average of 587 ha.
Surf scoter (Melanitta perspicillata) ecology on spring staging grounds and during the flightless period.
For ducks, reported predation by marine mammals includes killer whales (Orcinas orca) eating common eiders (Somateria mollissima) and flightless steamer-ducks (Tach-yeres leucocephalus) (Straneck et al., 1983; Smith, 2006), sea otters (Enhydra lutris) preying on adult surf scoters (Melanitta perspicillata) (Reidman and Estes, 1988), and a harbor seal (Phoca vitulina) attacking a harlequin duck (Histrionicus histrionicus) (Tallman and Sullivan, 2004).
We observed surf scoters (Melanitta perspicillata), black scoters (M.
Distribution, abundance, and aspects of breeding ecology of black scoters, Melanitta nigra, and surf scoters, Melanitta perspicillata, in northern Quebec.