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1. Of or related to melanin; black-pigmented.
2. Of or affected with melanosis.

mel′a·noid′ n.


1. (Biochemistry) resembling melanin; dark coloured
2. (Pathology) characterized by or resembling melanosis


(ˈmɛl əˌnɔɪd)

1. of or characterized by melanosis.
2. resembling melanin; darkish.
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Additionally, the introduction of exotic mollusc species such as Melanoides tuberculata has contributed to the elimination of certain native species (Avellar, 1999; Mansur et al.
On the basis of shell morphology, snails were identified by the Zoological Survey of India as Bellamya dissimilis, Pila virens, Melanoides tuberculata, Lamellidens marginalis, Paludomus transchauricus, Indoplanorbis exustus, and Thira scraba.
Actualmente se considera que la capacidad de las especies patogenas de Cryptococcus para producir pigmentos melanoides no solo les permite sobrevivir a la radiacion solar, sino que ademas pueden llegar a utilizar las radiaciones como energia metabolica (4, 13, 14).
and Glossogobius celebius while aquatic shells of a Gastropod species and Melanoides torulosa were common in Sillago sihama, Eleotris fusca and Glossogobius celebius too.
During our surveys, we found Melanoides tuberculatus, an exotic snail, in Pinto Creek.
Aplysia, Bursatella, and Melanoides [Kupfermann, 1968; Jacklet, 1972; Kupfermann and Carew, 1974; Lickey et al.
Lake Bhangazi South had a typical freshwater assemblage dominated by chironomid larvae, oligochaetes, the gastropod Melanoides tuberculata (Muller, 1774) and the freshwater shrimp Caridina sp.
Aunque la introduccion de especies como la tilapia, carpa herbivora y los caracoles Melanoides tuberculata (Cruz Ascencio et al.
Population dynamics of freshwater molluscs (Gastropod: Melanoides tuberculata) in Crocker Range Park, Sabah.
1 1 2 1 Hirudinea Mollusca/ Thiaridae/ 19 67 87 43 Mesogastropoda Melanoides tuberculatus Mollusca/ Physidae/ 2 25 42 15 Basommatopho- sp.
chlamys (Benson, 1836), Lymnaea auricularia (Linnaeus, 1758) and Melanoides tuberculata (Muller, 1774).