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Noun1.Melanotis - a genus of MimidaeMelanotis - a genus of Mimidae      
bird genus - a genus of birds
family Mimidae, Mimidae - sometimes considered a subfamily of Troglodytidae: mockingbirds; catbirds; thrashers
blue mockingbird, Melanotis caerulescens - mockingbird of Mexico
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melanotis. These two latter species are closely allied, and would by some ornithologists be considered as only well-marked races or varieties; but the Mimus trifasciatus is very distinct.
Within the Beni Savanna Ecoregion of Bolivia, the distribution and habitat use of 3 key avian cerrado-grassland specialists, the cock-tailed tyrant, Alectrurus tricolor, black-masked finch, Coryphaspiza melanotis, and wedge-tailed grass-finch, Emberiziodes herbicola, were contrasted to explore how disturbance may influence habitat use.
Each of the other four species is peripherally distributed, with Peromyscus polionotus inhabiting sandy soils in the southeastern United States, Peromyscus melanotis occurring at higher elevations in southeastern Arizona and central Mexico, Peromyscus keeni (Hogan et al., 1993) populating the coastal deciduous forests of the Pacific Northwest, and Peromyscus sejugis restricted to Santa Cruz and San Diego Islands in the Gulf of California and considered threatened by the Government of Mexico (Alvarez-Castafieda, 2001; Secretaria de Medio Ambiente y Recursos Naturales [SEMARNAT], 2010).
Other listed animals, which have been previously detected in the area by other surveys (Victorian Biodiversity Atlas), include Bandy Bandy Vermicella annulata, Barking Owl Ninox connivens connivens, Black-eared Miner Manorina melanotis, Carpet Python Morelia spilota metcalfei, Major Mitchell's Cockatoo, Diamond Firetail Stagonopleura guttata and Regent Parrot Polytelis anthopeplus monarchoides.
Atlapetes brunneinucha), Dumetella carolinensis Linnaeus, 1766, Melanotis hypoleucus Hartlaub, 1852, Mimusgilvus Vieillot, 1808, Mimus gundlachii Cabanis, 1855, Mimus longicaudatus, Mimuspolyglottos Linnaeus, 1758 y Ramphocinclus brachyurus Vieillot, 1818 (Price et al., 2003; Chicchino, 1986).
Small mammals captured in Namibia during 2010-2012 and tested for arenaviruses * Mammal species Common name Aethomys chrysophilus Red veld rat Micaelamys namaquensis Namaqua rock mouse Crocidura fuscomurina Bicolored musk shrew Crocidura hirta Lesser red musk shrew Dendromus melanotis Gray climbing mouse Elephantulus intufi Bushveld sengi Gerbilliscus spp.
(2006) incluyen provisionalmente a todas las especies del grupo "alfaroi" (alfaroi, chapmani, melanotis, rhabdops, rostratus, saturatior) en Handleyomys.
Mark-recapture studies revealed that five species of mouse were abundant in the monarch overwintering sites, but only one (the black-eared mouse, Peromyscus melanotis) exploited the monarchs.
One taxon (Estrilda melanotis quartinia) which was listed as a subspecies by Goodwin (1982) was analyzed separately because it was recognized as a full species by Sibley & Monroe (1990) and Fry & Keith (2004).
The most frequent visitors to these mangrove swamps include several mammals such as the opossum (Didelphis virginiana); several bats, such as species of the genera Pternotus and Glossophaga, and especially the fisherman bat Noctilio leporinus; ricerats Oryzomys melanotis and O.