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Dame Nellie Melba


 (mĕl′bə), Dame Nellie Originally Helen Porter Mitchell. 1861-1931.
Australian soprano primarily with London's Covent Garden (1888-1926) and New York City's Metropolitan Opera (1893-1910).


1. (Biography) Dame Nellie, stage name of Helen Porter Mitchell. 1861–1931, Australian operatic soprano
2. do a Melba slang Austral to make repeated farewell appearances


(ˈmɛl bə)

(Dame) Nellie (Helen Porter Mitchell Armstrong), 1861–1931, Australian soprano.
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Noun1.Melba - Australian operatic soprano (1861-1931)Melba - Australian operatic soprano (1861-1931)
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Melba's first few notes were floating through the house.
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| 1926: Australian opera singer Dame Nellie Melba, 65, gave her final stage performance at Covent Garden, singing Mimi in La Boheme.
He married Melba Dorothy Haines on May 29, 1953 in Decatur, IL.
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Melba Brown, Calaya's trainer, said the gorilla had undergone maternal training, using a stuffed toy as a baby.
TUGUEGARAO, Cagayan, Philippines Two persons died while 17 others were injured when a passenger bus bound for Baguio City rammed an electric post along Marcos Highway in Tuba, Benguet yesterday.Bus conductor Joseph Ryan Mesana Lalong and passenger Melba Suarez died at the scene.
I Will Not Fear: My Story of a Lifetime of Building Faith Under Fire is the autobiography of author Melba Pattillo Beals, of one of the black students chosen to integrate Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1957.
By jove, I'll never eat peach melba again without smiling.
Melba Hernandez (on right) and Haydee Santamaria (on left) coordinated the first armed attack of the revolution on a military barracks.