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A city of southeast Australia southwest of Canberra. Settled in 1835, it was the seat of the Australian federal government from 1901 to 1927. It is now the capital of the state of Victoria.


(Placename) a port in SE Australia, capital of Victoria, on Port Phillip Bay: the second largest city in the country; settled in 1835 and developed rapidly with the discovery of rich goldfields in 1851; three universities. Pop: 4 246 345 (2012)


(Biography) William Lamb, 2nd Viscount. 1779–1848; Whig prime minister (1834; 1835–41). He was the chief political adviser to the young Queen Victoria


(ˈmɛl bərn)

1. 2nd Viscount, Lamb, William.
2. the capital of Victoria, in SE Australia. 3,081,000.
3. a city on the E coast of Florida. 59,690.
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Noun1.Melbourne - a resort town in east central Florida
Everglade State, FL, Florida, Sunshine State - a state in southeastern United States between the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico; one of the Confederate states during the American Civil War
2.Melbourne - the capital of Victoria state and 2nd largest Australian city; a financial and commercial center
Victoria - a state in southeastern Australia
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Weve worked closely with the City of Melbourne, Victoria Police and security experts to ensure everyone can still enjoy the Bourke Street Mall, while also creating important pedestrian protection zones.
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia - - Increasingly busy work schedules have resulted in families that spend a majority of their time as weekend cleaners.
Staysafe is a monitoring company in Australia with 73 employees and 28,000 monitoring connections managed through two grade A1 monitoring centres located in Melbourne, Victoria and Adelaide in South Australia.
LINCOLNSHIRE Klein Tools said it has acquired the Wattmaster and Alco brands of electricians tools, based in Carrum Downs, a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
Department of Sustainability and Environment, East Melbourne, Victoria.
Alongside Coleman are Tom Hughes as Prince Albert and Rufus Sewell as Lord Melbourne, Victoria's first prime minister.
BAFTAC...nominated actor Rufus Sewell, (A Knight's Tale, The Holiday, and The Illusionist) is cast alongside Coleman, as Lord Melbourne, Victoria's first prime minister.
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, July 12, 2015 --( EDTRIN Group Ltd (EDTRIN), has signed a Partnership Agreement with Fingerprint Me Pty Ltd (Fingerprint Me), Australia's first youth employment academy.
Heston Week continued for five contestants with the challenge to run The Hotel Albion in Port Melbourne, Victoria. With The Fat Duck owner Chef Heston Blumenthal leading them, they must serve about 120 customers and spruce up The Hotel Albion's menu while they're at it.
La Trobe University, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Matiu Bush, MPH, Alfred Health, Melbourne, Victoria
It's hard to imagine an industrial precinct where communities and ecological principles thrive but if you take your imagination on a road trip to Fisherman's Bend in Melbourne, Victoria, you might just change your mind.

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