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Noun1.Gnetum gnemon - small tropical tree with tiered branches and divaricate branchlets having broad glossy dark green leaves; exploited for its edible young leaves and seeds that provide a fine flour
genus Gnetum - type genus of the Gnetaceae; small trees or shrubs usually with climbing jointed stems and terminal spikes of flowers with orange-red seeds clustered in rough cones
gymnospermous tree - any tree of the division Gymnospermophyta
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Hadi's version also has crunchy bean sprouts, fresh green beans, spinach, soft tofu, thick but tender lontong, potatoes, his own homemade special peanut sauce and topped off with emping (crackers made from crushed melinjo seeds) and krupuk (deep fried crackers made from flour and seasoning).
In this event, the commonly served cuisines are Betawi-specific nasi kuning made from glutinous rice and its side dishes in the form of meat stew, acar kuning (literally yellow pickles), serondeng, fried onions, and emping melinjo. In addition, wealthier Betawi people will usually add it with ayam sempyok.
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Japanese ingredients company Hosoda Nutritional has developed Melinjo Resveratrol for the global supplement market.
Resveratrol derivative-rich melinjo (Gnetum gnemon L.) seed extract suppresses multiple angiogenesis-related endothelial cell functions and tumor angiogenesis.