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A trisaccharide, C18H32O16, composed of glucose, fructose, and galactose. It is obtained from sugar beets and cottonseed meal and is present in many legumes.

[French, from raffiner, to refine : re-, again (from Old French; see re-) + affiner, to refine (from Old French : a-, to from Latin ad-; see ad- + fin, fine, from Old French; see fine1).]


(ˈræfɪˌnəʊz; -ˌnəʊs)
(Biochemistry) biochem a trisaccharide of fructose, glucose, and galactose that occurs in sugar beet, cotton seed, certain cereals, etc. Formula: C18H32O16
[C19: from French raffiner to refine + -ose2]


(ˈræf əˌnoʊs)

a colorless, crystalline sugar, C18H32O16∙5H2O, with little or no sweetness, obtained from cottonseed and sugar beets and breaking down to fructose, glucose, and galactose on hydrolysis.
[1875–80; < French raffiner to refine]
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Noun1.raffinose - a trisaccharide that occurs in sugar beets and cotton seeds and certain cereals
trisaccharide - any of a variety of carbohydrates that yield three monosaccharide molecules on complete hydrolysis