Mellitic acid

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(Chem.) a white, crystalline, organic substance, C6(CO2H)6, occurring naturally in combination with aluminium in the mineral mellite, and produced artificially by the oxidation of coal, graphite, etc., and hence called also graphitic acid.

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Tenders are invited for Supply of Mellitic acid purity- 98%, hemimellitic acid purity - > 98%,3-methoxy benzoic acid purity - > 99%, isopthalic acid purity - > 99%, trioctyl phopine oxide purity - > 99%, triton-x- 100 laboratory grade, sodium dodecyl benzene sulphonate technical grade, sodium perchlorate purity - > 99.
13]C resonances at 177 and 135 ppm were identified to be due to mellitic acid using addition of a standard of mellitic acid.
Addition of mellitic acid to the extractable SOM from the AB horizon of the cabbage cultivation indeed resulted in sharp signals at 135 and 177 ppm (Fig.