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a synthesizer that plays a prerecorded sound, stored on tape, when a key is pressed


® [ˈmelətrɒn] NMellotron ® m


nMellotron® nt
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Its dreamy melodies, played on the Mellotron keyboard and an Indian swarmandal or zither, certainly inspired the psychedelic music of the '70s.
The Song Remains the Same, 1973--The drone of John Paul Jones's mellotron and Jimmy Page's ultra-compressed guitar evoke an alien landscape.
Advancing this further, Moody Blues founding member Mike Pinder helped develop the Mellotron, a keyboard instrument which could simulate the sound of a string orchestra.
The result was Psycho Sacred Music." Paul has described his songs as "metaphysical ghost music with a beat" or "psycho Baroque pop." His melodies are characterized by pulsating pianos, chiming organs, thrashing guitars, mellotron sounds, disarming ambient sounds and hypnotic rhythms.
IAnd, like some of the biggest bands in Britain at the time, The Mellotron was made in Birmingham.
"Strawberry Fields Forever," whose original "Love" version took the listener through four versions/demos of the song, now instead has its signature Mellotron "flute" introduction back intact.
however, it was no conventional country record with the use of mellotron and some unashamedly psychedelic lyrics, yet clearly Simpson's voice was country through and through.
"Importantly, the mellotron was still there, which was a very interesting and fashionable instrument at the time.
Liner notes: "Is it a mystery to live/Or is it a mystery to die?" Rhiannon Giddens asks with cool grace, as banjo and mellotron add arresting texture to this spooky toe-tapper.
Ya la musica introduce una serie de novedades: los arreglos enriquecen las composiciones pop, las texturas sonoras se amplian con la inclusion de instrumentos hasta ahora ajenos al genero como cuartetos de cuerda, armonium, mellotron o sitar.
"It's acoustically billed but we've got Sally playing a Mellotron which produces all these lovely flutes and strings on a keyboard," he explains.