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n.1.One who acts in, or writes, melodramas.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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His strategy is to articulate his memories and his desires with heightened rhetoric; for example, Monette writes: "Now we would learn to borrow time in earnest, day by day, making what brief stays we could against the downward spiral from which all our wasted brothers did not return" (183).(4) As a writer of movie novelizations and screenplays, Monette uses his skills as a melodramatist to construct a story that will heighten the effects of normalcy by which he defines his and his lover's relationship and the effects of AIDS' "invasion" of this normalcy.
Unfortunately, Henriques the documentary maker and Henriques the melodramatist make for an une asy mix, leaving you with little sympathy for the ilritten Anita (not helped by Smith's cue card delivery) and little emotional connection to anything or anyone around her.
Chapter I challenges the view that Balzac is 'a vulgar melodramatist whose versions of life are cheap, overwrought and hollow' (3).
His reflections on the huge popularity of Bierstadt and Harte in the 1860s and 1870s include discussion of each as a melodramatist, an important emphasis that it would have been interesting to see developed, informed by recent accounts of gender in melodrama, in the later analysis of 1950s Westerns, many of which reward examination in such terms.
(44) Jacques Barzun, "Henry James, Melodramatist," 1943, in The Question of Henry James, ed.
Far from being the colourless bureaucratic mediocrity disdained by Trotsky, the real Stalin was an energetic and vainglorious melodramatist who was exceptional in every way....
He described Mendoza as "an oldschool melodramatist with an acute sensitivity to the pulse of the moment" and lead star Nora Aunor as "one of the Philippines' most admired actresses."
I see him as a prose-poet melodramatist of gnostic bent, one whose quality trumps any quantitative considerations.
The understated shapes he threw showed even this arch melodramatist knows sometimes less is more.