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1.(Zool.) A genus of beetles without wings, but having short oval elytra; the oil beetles. These beetles are sometimes used instead of cantharides for raising blisters. See Oil beetle, under Oil.
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Lo mismo puede estar ocurriendo en otras partes de Mexico, donde el uso de los insectos con fines medicinales tiene un fuerte arraigo historico, producto del conocimiento sistematizado de la biologia de estos organismos que ha generado un gran impacto cultural (Serrano-Gonzalez et al., 2013), mismo que se percibe en la actualidad en distintas culturas, por ejemplo, en comunidades Mazahuas, Aldasoro (2009), encontro que coleopteros como Eleodes sp., y Meloe sp., y otras especies no identificadas de himenopteros, dipteros y ortopteros, se ocupan para aliviar dolencias somaticas (como diarrea, dolor de pecho, dolor de dientes, etc.), y culturales como, el mal de ojo.
Other discovery highlights at Trust properties around Wales were the black oil beetle Meloe proscarabaeus, and Gooden's Nomad bee Nomada goodeniana - both found at Cwm Tydu, in Ceredigion.
Alterando levemente un ejemplo tomado del filosofo noruego Jacob Meloe (cfr.
The National Trust said the short-necked oil beetle, known as Meloe brevicollis, was found by entomologist Bob Beckford on trust land in south Devon.
Forty short-necked oil beetles - otherwise known as meloe brevicollis - were found near Salcombe, South Devon - more than 200 miles from their last sighting in Sussex nearly 60 years ago.
These young beetles (Meloe franciscanus) need lots of nutrients to help them mature into healthy adult beetles.
The blister beetle species Meloe franciscanus and the host bees meet in the dunes of southwestern U.S.
In recommending the "from sea to land" perspective I am referring to the method suggested by the philosopher Jacob Meloe (1990, 73): one should situate oneself within the practice that the object belongs to, and then investigate the object and its contribution to that practice.
Working with host law firms such as Meloe Associados, in the Dominican Republic, Pelier presents a formal aspect of the organization with structuring and negotiating agreements, and brings to the table a vital knowledge of privacy and health laws.
Schoenfeld and Torleif Meloe, "American Labor--A 50-year Chronology," Monthly Labor Review, July 1950, pp.
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This faking out of solitary bees by the blister beetle Meloe franciscanus marks the first recorded case of parasitic insects cooperating to mimic their target, report Hafernik and his San Francisco State colleague Leslie Saul-Gershenz.