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n.1.Same as Melodiograph.
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This section of the chapter was less convincing than the good overview of different modes of visualizing sound (with a particular focus on Charles Seeger's melograph and its use in musicology) in the following section.
In the early 1970s, she worked with Charles Seeger at UCLA, playing recordings into his specially-designed device, the melograph, which generated large scrolls of graphic representations of music.
"Scientific" meant using means of measurement and analysis that aimed to be objective, including the use of machines such as the melograph of the 1970s, which graphed the pitch and timbral aspects of recorded music.
(10.) Ellis was not by any means the first to use machine- or computer-aided measurement and graphic notation of musical pitch and interval (the first extensive use of such aids came with Charles Seeger's development of the melograph at UCLA around 1950); nor is she the only musicologist in Australia to have used such aids.
The majority are in score format, but examples of other forms (solfege, mnemonic graphemes, melograph, and metrical text) are also represented.
He critically examines a wide variety of transcription methods that range from traditional European notation to graphic systems based on instruments like the melograph. El-Mallah recommends that every transcription be accompanied by the recording from which it was made in order to make up for its inherent limitations.