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n.1.Honey of roses.
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The Dowager Marchioness of Melrose was one of the few persons whom it had been unnecessary to point out to me.
In the drawing-room I had the mortification of hearing him talk interminable nonsense into the ear-trumpet of Lady Melrose, whom he knew in town.
I had been put, in fact, into the dressing-room of one of the grand suites, and my too near neighbors were old Lady Melrose and my host and hostess.
And he opened his fist, to shut it next instant on the bunch of diamonds and of sapphires that I had last seen encircling the neck of Lady Melrose.
I suppose you know that my aunt, Lady Melrose, died some years ago?
The comments will be a blow to Melrose as Airbus is GKN's largest customer, representing 20% of its aerospace sales last year.
The opening minutes of the match promised much, as Melrose, starting ferociously, struck quickly to earn a penalty goal for Craig Jackson.
Melrose sought to win over GKN shareholders by promising an improved 60 per cent stake in the combined firm.
Yesterday, Melrose raised the stakes in its attempt to seize control of GKN with an improved offer, raising it from an initial PS7.
Melrose sought to win over GKN shareholders by promising them an improved 60% stake in the combined firm.
The Melrose offer is not a good deal - it is low price and high risk," the letter, signed by GKN chairman Mike Turner, said.