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A member of a group of people living primarily in the southern Appalachians, thought to be descended from a mixture of southern European, Middle Eastern, African, and Native American peoples.

[Perhaps ultimately from French mélange, mixture (the French word being brought to the Appalachians by Huguenot settlers from Virginia); see mélange, or from African and Brazilian Portuguese malungo, comrade, person transported on the same slave ship as oneself (probably from Mbundu malungo, companion, adopted brother, or a kindred Bantu source).]
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(Peoples) any of a dark-skinned group of people of the Appalachians in E Tennessee, of mixed Indian, White, and Black ancestry
[C20: of unknown origin]
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After all, R.C., one of Smith's characters, is a Melungeon, although he passes for white.
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It would take a good century after MacRaker's death for those people to be distinguished from the Cherokee, and be called Melungeon: They had been around these parts for longer than anyone could remember, even the Cherokees.
When legal segregation began to break down in the 1950s and 1960s, so did the strict outsider status of the "little races." Today, labels such as Brass Ankle, Redbone, and Melungeon are almost quaint, and Southerners whose grandparents would have been ashamed of their heritage are now seeking ways to discover information about their ancestry that earlier generations did their best to conceal.
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Moreover, many Melungeons dark-skinned Appalachian mountain people of uncertain origin reside in Mason County, and Bridger is half Melungeon.