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a.1.See Membranous.
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I seemed to see the membraneous and cylindrical tubes tremble beneath the undulation of the waters.
Approximal membraneous shadow plaiting, the Letter Missing, Missingly Climates end, Spans-- [.
12) in ventral view slightly longer than wide, tapering with median keel, triangular apical incision; basal area of the subgenital plate V-shaped, membraneous and sharply deepened in most dried specimens; styli slender, normal shape and size.
pacificus are encysted in membraneous cysts in the viscera, on the peritoneum or in the stomach wall; some have also been found outside of the intestinal wall and in the gonads (33) (Figure 3).
In addition, we hypothesize that PSAP is secreted following cellular stress and, via membraneous GPR37, cue dopamine neurons to initiate survival pathways.
Improved urinary continence after radical retropubic prostatectomy with preparation of a long, partially intraprostatic portion of the membraneous urethra: An analysis of 1013 consecutive cases.
Histopathological diagnoses of six patients who underwent biopsy because of resistance to steroid were as follows: focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (n=3), C1q nephropathy (n=1), diffuse mesangial proliferation (n=1) and membraneous nephropathy (n=1).
Defects in membraneous bones, exophthalmos, and diabetes insipidus-An unusual syndrome of dyspituitarism.

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