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1. (Placename) the German name for Klaipeda
2. (Placename) the lower course of the Neman River


(ˈklaɪ pɪ də)

a seaport in NW Lithuania, on the Baltic. 204,000.
German, Memel.
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Noun1.Memel - a city in western Lithuania on the Baltic SeaMemel - a city in western Lithuania on the Baltic Sea; formerly an important trading town of the Hanseatic League
Hanseatic League - a commercial and defensive confederation of free cities in northern Germany and surrounding areas; formed in 1241 and most influential in the 14th century when it included over 100 towns and functioned as an independent political power; the last official assembly was held in 1669
Lietuva, Lithuania, Republic of Lithuania - a republic in northeastern Europe on the Baltic Sea
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2014; Memel, 2012), we anticipated retaining the null hypothesis that no statistically significant differences would be detected between treatment groups on the target psychiatric symptoms of anxiety, depression, hostility, and interpersonal sensitivity.
Members of the public from the following towns, Frankfort, Villiers, Tweeling, Cornelia, Vrede, Memel and Warden are invited to attend this august occasion.
Os restos mortais nao eram recuperados pela familia nas sociedades florestais pre-coloniais da Costa do Marfim, como descreve Memel Fote (11).
A Police Scotland spokeswoman said: "The body of a man was found in Memel Street, Springburn, at around 2.
La llamada anexion de Austria, el Anschluss, o la anexion de la region de los Sudetes, del territorio del Memel y luego el ataque a Polonia tuvieron lugar con la justificacion de que era preciso proteger la vida de los llamados Volksdeutschen, grupos de origen aleman que residian fuera de las fronteras de Alemania.
Im Gebiet zwischen Memel und Finnischem Meerbusen sind nach jetzigem Kenntnisstand mindestens 22 Siedlungsplatze der Spatbronzezeit bekannt, in denen Bronzeringguss nachgewiesen werden konnte.
Director David Wnendt and breakout star Carla Juri give full measure to the outre self-exploration of Roche's literary alter ego, Helen Memel, while capturing the underlying sweetness that helped endear the character to millions of readers.
In his speech, delivered at the Tehran Conference on 1 December 1943, Stalin emphasized the point that "Russians are in need of the ice-free ports on [the Baltic sea], Konigsberg and Memel and the part of East Prussia adjacent to them.
A brief stop at the Russian port of Memel, however, when he wandered into a church during mass, redirected his course in life.
Wetlands tells the story of Helen Memel, who narrates tales of her sexual exploits and experiments with feminine hygiene, all from a hospital bed where she is recovering from "an intimate shaving accident.
He says "the territories of East Prussia, Pomerania, Eastern Brandenburg, Silesia, Danzig, Memel, and the Sudetenland were relentlessly and ruthlessly 'cleansed' of Germans, whose families had inhabited them for centuries.