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n. (used with a sing. verb)
The study of memes and their social and cultural effects.

[meme + -etics (as in aesthetics).]


(Biology) the study of memes and their transmission
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Hancock, an intelligence executive in the US Army, studied how AI Qaeda, whose propaganda magazine Inspire was an early model for Dabiq, isolated potential "memeoids" and exposed them "to a single meme set many times a day for months, or years, without contact from other memes." This truly sinister filter bubble can produce a "dependent mental state" in certain individuals that "causes their brains to release dopamine and endorphins giving them a high." While both activists and the intelligence services are hard at work mirroring "counter messages" through the same seductive mediagenic tactics as their rivals, "Command: Print" upended this process to do a necropsy on the formal mechanics of how deviance goes viral.
When individuals are so consumed by a meme/memeplex that the entire purpose of their existence becomes to spread the meme, they have become memeoids. These individuals are willing to throw away their own genetic reproductive potential by strapping on bombs or flying airliners into buildings in order to promote the memeplex that consumes them.
Certain organizations, such as al-Qaeda, utilize modern brainwashing techniques in order to turn otherwise ordinary people into memeoids with which they can then inflict upon their memetic opposition.