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n. (used with a sing. verb)
The study of memes and their social and cultural effects.

[meme + -etics (as in aesthetics).]


(Biology) the study of memes and their transmission
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Memetic evolution is consistent with a world of intentional, conscious and responsible free agents.
As a new optimization method, SFLA algorithm use the shuffled complex evolution algorithms (SCE) as the breadth search implementation framework, and is combined with genetic memetic evolution algorithm (MA) and the characteristics of particle swarm optimization algorithm based on the bird searching food behavior.
And so memetic evolution forces me to have my own say - freedom of speech, if you will, in this epistle of mine.
By comparison, memetic evolution is extremely fast.
She offers evidence that memetic evolution is quite consistent with a world of intentional, conscious, and responsible free agents.
It is in this sense that memetic evolution is intensely path dependent: the present selection of memes depends on the pattern of memes selected in the past.
This means that memetic evolution occurs not in the interest of the genes, individuals, or groups, but that it proceeds according to the "interest of the memes" themselves (Blackmore, 1996).
53) While the precise neurological mechanisms of memetic evolution may remain unknown or not exist at all,(54) the comparison between memes and genes is more than metaphorical.