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monument, memorial - a structure erected to commemorate persons or events
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Members of the Aberdare branch of the Royal Welsh with the new memorial stone which forms part of the garden
THIEVES have stolen a memorial stone from the grave of Joy Division frontman Ian Curtis.
After John Tomlinson MEP planted a tree beside a memorial stone commemorating those injured or killed at work in 1992, Walsall TUC have celebrated his honourable action annually ever since.
THE Linford Club, originally an Ex Serviceman's Club, in Newtown Linford has recently undergone a refurbishment, and in line with this it has also placed a memorial stone at the front of the premises, with the names of people from the village who left for the Great War, and those killed in action.
Remember war heroes Dear Editor, My question is quite simply why Airdrie has no memorial stone to commemorate three Airdrie men who were awarded theVictoria Cross, the highest and most prestigious award for gallantry in the face of the enemy to be awarded to British and Commonwealth forces.
The bravery of Sgt Thomas Caldwell will be marked by the blessing of a memorial stone in his home town.
"We thought about buying some books and maybe doing some other things, but as a group, we finally decided to plant a tree and place a memorial stone at the base of the tree.
A MEMORIAL stone in the shape of a motorbike will stand as a permanent safety reminder at the spot where a young man died after being hit by a train on his 22nd birthday.
According to community members spearheading the project in this city west of Jerusalem, memorial-stones sales will cover most of the building costs of $4.3 million (the website says there are 1,200 memorial stone places remaining).
A commemoration was held for Lt McKean at Willington War Memorial yesterday and was followed by a parade to the village library, where a memorial stone was unveiled.
THERE is a memorial stone and sundial for Eddie Cochran at St Martin's Hospital, in Bath, and you can make a donation in memory of this star to the Sirona Foundation Trust - see - to St Martin's Hospital, Clara Cross Lane, Bath, BA2 5RP.

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