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Battle-Baptiste also participated in a project on The Millars Plantation on the island of Eleuthera in the Bahamas, about which she wrote, "[It] provided the research team an opportunity to explore, through oral history and small-scale memory mapping, a concentrated view of how the plantation landscape operated as a site of captivity, then a site of survival, and ultimately a space of ancestral connection between people, history, landscapes, and contemporary tourism."
Crucially, though, the reconstructed memory mapping does not permanently erase the stressors and the trauma.
Loosely based on the concept of memory mapping, migrant biographies were explored, mapped and analyzed through qualitative GIS.
(3) Since OPSD is heavily dependent on efficient FPGA-based 2D FFT implementation which is limited by DRAM access problems, we design a memory mapping scheme based on "tile-hopping", which can reduce row activation overhead while accessing columns of data from the DRAM (Sections 5 and 6).
[A] new memory mapping option in AGESA [alters] how applications get assigned to physical locations within the memory modules; the goal of this knob is to optimize how memory requests are executed after taking DRAM architecture and your memory timings into account.
Bell introduces the notion of magical memory mapping, in which supernatural narratives enable "spatial mapping, temporal transgressions, and communal reclamations of parts of the city" (228).
It identifies the worms in the VM by Hybrid Malware detect memory mapping technique.
The user's FPGA design can update bitstreams into the FC512's flash memory for easy flash memory mapping into the user application.
Memory mapping is handled by an integrated decoding PLD that can assign any Flash or SRAM memory segment to any address on any memory page or bank.
The adapter's memory mapping RAM allows memory location on the VME bus to be mapped in the address space of the other bus.
RMA is available in modern multiprocessor architectures such as Cray-T3E (SHMEM), Meiko CS-2 (DMA), and SCI clusters (memory mapping).