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 (mə-năn′dər) 342?-292? bc.
Greek dramatist whose romantic works were influential in the development of comedy.


1. (Biography) ?160 bc–?120 bc, Greek king of the Punjab. A Buddhist convert, he reigned over much of NW India
2. (Biography) ?342–?292 bc, Greek comic dramatist. The Dyskolos is his only complete extant comedy but others survive in adaptations by Terence and Plautus


(məˈnæn dər)

342?–291 B.C., Greek writer of comedies.
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Noun1.Menander - comic dramatist of ancient Greece (342-292 BC)Menander - comic dramatist of ancient Greece (342-292 BC)
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Terentius I could not have told from Menander. Naso, to my astonishment, was Nicander in disguise.
Among her topics are Alope's legend and its dramatic refigurations, tragedy into comedy: Euripides' Alcmeon in Corinth as a source text of Menander's Periceiromene, the representation of Euripides' Dictys in South Italian painted pottery, and Euripides' Alexandros in performance.
LAHORE: This photograph depicts a coin that was struck during Menander's period in mid second century BC.
Consider the Sakra IndoGreek imitations, the most ubiquitous of which are the Menander I imitations.
The ruler of Sialkot was a Greek general Menander the First.
There are five major playwrights (Aeschylus, Sophocles, Euripides, Aristophanes and Menander), three dramatic genres (tragedy, comedy and satire) and one main location from which it all sprang: Athens.
The first problem with the Gnostic notion of the demiurge lies in the heterogeneous groups gathered under that label: "He is central to Valentinian and Sethian systems, but possibly absent in the systems of Menander and Saturninus" (p.
Hasta nuestro siglo llega el eco de esta tesis: Knox introduce la obra Oxford Readings in Menander, Plautus and Terence con un ensayo que retoma lo dicho por todos los autores anteriormente mencionados para defender la tesis de que es Euripides "el inventor ...
With a lot of wily manoeuvering, she/he bamboozles the general while flattering him and is a clever amalgam of the numerous servants you find in any Roman comedy from Aristophanes to Menander in this fruitful period in the dramas of ancient Rome.
Fredrik Menander, president of Power Transmission, will leave Eltel, effective immediately.
The Argument in Ben Jonson's plays is analogous to the Prologue in the Greek playwright, Menander's plays, in that, it serves to give us a background to the play.
This concluding chapter also describes various (male) Greek and Roman philosophers' and poets' takes on Sappho: Plato, Menander, Catullus, Horace, and Ovid.