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 (mĕn′dē, -dā)
n. pl. Mende or Men·des
1. A Mande language spoken in southern Sierra Leone and eastern Liberia.
2. A member of a Mende-speaking people.

[Mende mεnde, ethnic self-designation.]
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We were told at this place that Alfonso Mendes, patriarch of Aethiopia, was arrived at Goa from Lisbon.
Contract notice: Framework agreement for conservation and restoration services for the heritage works of the city of mende.
Fortunately for the audience, Slave: A Question of Freedom has that something special, largely thanks to the true story of the "slave" at its centre, Sudanese Mende Nazer.
The story of 12-year-old Mende Nazar, seized from her Nuba village in Sudan and sold to an Arab family in Khartoum as a house slave, bears witness to current practices.
On the Google webpage describing the procedure, says Mark Mende, coordinator of electronic communications at St.
Programming mission master plan for the sainte-anne building and the mco mende building.
Noting that the "fight is not over", Reinhart posted her photo, as well as those of Camila Mendes (Riverdale's Veronica Lodge), during their February shoot for Cosmopolitan.
Riverdale" star Camila Mendes used to be the same way.
Dubai: Top coach Marcelo Mendes is convinced the annual Huawei Beach Soccer Intercontinental Cup will hasten the grassroots development and strengthen the UAE national squad over a period of time.
1 albums by 18, Mendes is a full-fledged celebrity.
And it has a recruitment dependence on agent Jorge Mendes that will surely only become stronger after his client Nuno Espirito Santo succeeded Paul Lambert as manager this week.